Course Description

The second most widely spoken language in the world after English is French. It is the language that is most frequently used within the European Commission, aside from English. There are many French words that have been adopted into English that are frequently used. Your preparation for speaking the official language in communities and international organisations will come from taking French language classes in UFO International.

The perception of French is that it is a difficult-to-speak European language. It is a fantastic opportunity that shouldn't be missed to be given the chance to study French. Everybody is welcome at the UFO International, where you can receive the best instruction in learning French. With the right approach, consistent practice, discipline, appropriate study materials, and the right motivation, one should be able to desirably gain higher proficiency after receiving training from UFO International. Learning French can give you access to a wide range of opportunities, whether they are in business, education, the arts, sports, or culture.

The Best French Classes in Attingal

UFO International offers students high-quality instruction in the French language. We provide the top French language programmes that keep up with the latest developments in the labour market. UFO International combines a number of elements to produce a distinctive learning environment that has distinguished us. UFO International actively works to advance the growth and development of French language learning abilities.

The Levels of French Language Courses

Beginner: Understanding of isolated expressions and common terminologies in situations of high personal significance. Converse when carrying out easy or ordinary tasks that need the exchange of fundamental knowledge on well-known subjects.

Elementary: Comprehending idioms and everyday language pertaining to highly relevant topics. To communicate effectively, basic knowledge must be exchanged on well-known topics.

Intermediate: Able to communicate the essential ideas in a standard, straightforward manner on topics that are common to them in work, education, leisure activities, etc. may write a straightforward text that flows well on familiar or personal topics. The speaker can state a goal or desire, describe a moment in time or a dream, or offer explanations for a project or idea.

Upper-Intermediate: Recognize the key concepts in a difficult text, especially technical articles, whether the subject is concrete or abstract. One can keep a traditional degree of spontaneity and fluency while conversing with a native speaker in a way that is informal for everyone.

Advanced: Aids in comprehending numerous lengthy and complex texts, including any stylistic or sub textual nuance. They don't stumble over words when expressing themselves; they can do it easily and fluidly. Speaking French fluently and successfully in a social, professional, or academic setting using a clear, organised framework.